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For the past few months I have been developing content on wordpress and it has shown the content that I would want to demonstrate to my viewers. The original concept for my blog was to make a site that has all the features of top game reviewing websites like IGN or Kotaku. I have made several different posts about the direction that I have taken this blog and I am going to continue making this blog better and more interactive about the way that I will rate each game that I have posted about in the past few months. The website will get better will develop more and more over time.


My website compared to other video game websites found on the internet renders a different method of reading reviews about the games that have already been out. Other websites like IGN or Kotaku talk a lot about the most recent and up to date video games that are going on within the video game community. The website I made does not have the most recent video games let alone all of the most recent news in the video game community but instead goes even back to older games that have not much attention. Comparing my website to the others mine creates a different atmosphere within the gaming community because I am not always looking for up to date video games that are currently in the spotlight.

I am instead going back to games that had basically been talked about in the last two most previous generations of video game history. What my site adds to the conversation is that old games even though they are not as knew as the video games that most websites talk about are still new. I feel like games have a lot of intrinsic value that if looked at from different ratings on different sites can bring together a new development of insight into what is gaming today.

Peanutize Yourself!

wallpaper-1492365660The process of creating this wallpaper was fun and interesting due to the fact that the customization process was entertaining. I clicked the link and got right on started with designing my own character. I was surprised at the amount of customization that was available in the menu for each section of creating my character. First I began with my skin color and they had provided all the shades that I could think of. Then I chose my hair and there were a ton of hair styles to choose from. For each section to customize the character I chose the ones that I found most appealing to me. With each change I made to my character I felt like I was really personalizing the outcome of the final product. I really enjoyed that the website even allowed me to add accessories like glasses and a watch onto my character. The website even had a bunch of shoes that could be used to put on my character.

Creative Commons

PS4 Controller 

The picture that I used for my blog was the one of a Playstation 4(PS4)  Controller. This picture is relevant to my blog because my blog has everything to do with video games whether they be new or old. The main point of my blog has to do with the overall rating of video games for the last two generations of video game consoles. The PS4 controller is just a small ideal of the current generation of video games that people who play video games are in today.

The main purpose of this picture has to do with commenting on the PS4 controllers appearance of the video game console today. The opposing fair use of this picture would be that commercial activity due to I do not sponsored by Sony in any way and am promoting their item for them. The nature of this item would be that it is factual and nonfiction based since it is a real item that is used in todays world. The opposing fair use of the controller would be that it is a highly creative work of art that took time for Sony to produce. The amount for this picture would be that it is appropriate for favored educational use since it is used to talk about video game hardware. Lastly the effect of the picture would be that there would not be any significant effect on the market or potential market for copyrighted work.